Scientometrics analysis of the IT outsourcing domain

Swar, B. & Khan, G.F.


Information Technology (IT) outsourcing has become widely accepted management strategy over the years. This accepted management strategy has enhanced lots of research on IT outsourcing with a wide range of issues resulting in greater knowledge production. The aim of this study is to investigate the IT outsourcing knowledge infrastructure from a network point of view.. Triple helix indictors and social network analysis techniques are employed on 288 scholarly papers obtained from Web of Science database using keyword IT outsourcing. The result among other factors reveals the key players of IT outsourcing research collaborators, their network characteristics like degree centrality, and the relationship of academia, industry and government in terms of IT outsourcing knowledge production. The paper also provides implications based on the results.
Keywords: IT outsourcing, Triple Helix Model, Social Analysis Technique, University-Industry-Government Relationships

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