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Gohar Feroz Khan

Dr. Khan is an Assistant Professor at Korea University of Technology & Education (KoreaTECH) in South Korea and a Senior Consultant at the Society for the Knowledge-based Innovation and Education (SKIE) Seoul National University. Previously, he worked as an Assistant Professor and Research Professor at Yeungnam University in S. Korea.

Since his PhD in 2011, Dr. Khan has published over 30 articles in refereed journals, conference proceedings, and book chapters. His research has been published (or accepted for publication) in Online Information Review (OIR), Government Information Quarterly, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), Scientometrics, Information Development, Internet Research, Asian Journal of Communication, and AsiaPacific Journal of Information System (APJIS), among others. His research has been presented at international conferences held in Utrecht, Stanford, Istanbul, Paris, Germany, and Seoul.

Dr. Khan's research interests include 1) ICTs in public sector (e-government, government 2.0), 2) Social Information Systems & Social Media, and 3) Knowledge-based Innovation. Prior to my doctoral studies, Khan held a senior management position with the Afghan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. His is also serving as an Associate Editor of Journal of Contemporary Eastern Asia and Founding Director of Social Media Insight Research Center.

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Journal Articles


Khan, G. F., (forthcoming), the Government 2.0 Utilization Model and Implementation Scenarios, Information Development (SSCI), forthcoming, Abstract, PDF.

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-Khan, G. F., & Park, H. W. (2013).International Collaboration within Electronic Government Research Domain: A Triple Helix Network Analysis of Collaboration at the Regional, Country, and Institutional Levels, Government Information Quarterly (SSCI), 30 (2013) 182–193 DOI:, Abstract. PDF

-Swar, B. & Khan, G.F (correspondence author). (forthcoming), Mapping ICT Knowledge Infrastructure in South Asia, Scientometrics (SSCI).

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Work in Progress

-Khan G. F., Mark H., Tomasz M., (work in progress), Best Practices in Social Media at Non-profit, Public, Education, and Healthcare Organizations, A special issue of Social Science Computer Review (SSCR) Journal

-Khan G.F., & Sokha, W., (under review round2). Why some content go viral on social media? an exploratory study, Abstract

-Khan, G. F., Bobby S., Kon. S. L., (working paper). SNS Usage in GRIs: A Risk-Benefit analysis, working paper.

Book Chapter

--Khan, G. F., & Moon, J. (2013). E-Government Issues in Developing Countries: An Analysis from a Digital Divide, E-Skills, and Civil Conflict Theory Approach. In I. Association (Ed.), Digital Literacy: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications (pp. 1272-1288). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-1852-7.ch066

--Khan, G. F., & Moon, J. (2012). E-Government Issues in Developing Countries: An Analysis from a Digital Divide, E-Skills, and Civil Conflict Theory Approach. In K. Bwalya, & S. Zulu (Eds.), Handbook of Research on E-Government in Emerging Economies: Adoption, E-Participation, and Legal Frameworks (pp. 423-439). doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-0324-0.ch021

Conference Papers


--Khan, G.F. and Swar, B., (2013), Government 2.0: Utilization Model, Implementation Scenarios, and Relationships, accepted for presentation at Pre-ECIS (21st European Conference on Information Systems) workshop: E-Government 2.0: Case studies and experience reports June 4, Utrecht, Netherlands. Presentation is available here:

--Khan, G. F., (2013), Social Media at work in public sector, Presented at Regional Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop
for Module 11,‘Social Media for Development’ of the United Nations “Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders”, 20-23 May, 2013 in Incheon, Republic of Korea. Available here:

--Khan, G. F., (2013), Social Media-based Government Explained, Expert Group Meeting on Social Media for Development held at United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development UN-APCICT/ESCAP), 5-6 February, 2013, Incheon, South Korea.
--Khan, G. F., Ho Young Yoon, Park, H. W.(2012), Social Media Use in Public Sector: A comparative study of the Korean & US Government Agencies, presented at ATHS panel during the 8th International Conference on Webometrics, Informatics and Scientometrics & 13th COLLNET Meeting, 23-26 October 2012, Seoul,South Korea. Available at:

--Swar, B., & Khan, G. F., ( 2012), Analysis of Triple Helix Network Collaboration among University-Industry-Government for IT Outsourcing, CD-ROM/Online Proceedings of the European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems (EMCIS) Late Breaking Papers, 2012, 7-8 June, Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Maximilianstraße, Munich, Germany, Editors: Dr Ahmad Ghoneim, Prof. Ralf Klischewski, Holger Schrödl, Dr Muhammed Kamal, SBN: 978-1-908549-03-7, Non-Refereed Papers

--Khan, G. F., Moon, J., & Park, H. W.(2011). Measuring Triple Helix on the World Wide Web, presented at Triple Helix 9 International Conference (Stanford University, USA, 11-14 July 2011)‏

--Khan, G. F., Moon, J., & Park, H. W.(2011). Mapping and visualizing the core of scientific domains: Information System Research, presented at COLLNET 2011, Seventh International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics and Scientometrics (WIS), 20-23 September, 2011, Istanbul Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey,

--Khan, G. F. & Park, H. W.(2011). International collaboration within e-government domain: A scientometrics analysis, presented at 2011 KAPA-ASPA International Conference, October 28-29, 2011, Seoul Korea.‏

--Khan, G. F., Moon, J., & Park, H. W., Christian, L. S. (2010). Electronic Government Research: Graphical-Mathematical Modeling”, the 3rd Conference on Innovation and Development, Learning from Development Experience" December 4, 2010, Seoul National University, Korea.

--Khan, G. F.,Moon, J., Zo, H., Rho, J.J. (2010). Civil conflict, digital divide, and e-government service adoption: A Conflict Theory Approach, presented at International Conference on e-Democracy, e-Government and e-Society, Paris, June 2010 organized by WASET.

--Khan, G. F., Moon, J. (2010). E-government challenges in developing countries: A social-technical theory perspective, presented at Second Conference of Innovation and Development (CID) “Knowledge, Society and the Role of Government” June 24-25, 2010 Seoul National University, Korea.

-- Torres U.T., Khan, G. F. (correspondence author), Moon, J., and Rho, J.J.(2009). E-learning motivation, Students' Acceptance/Use of Educational Portal in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Peru, Proceedings of the 2009 Fourth International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology, pp.1431-1441, 2009, Seoul, South Korea. Available at: